Popsie Tips

The Bow 


Step 1: Drape your scarf around your shoulders, ensuring the fabric lengths are even.

Step 2: Tie the two lengths into a single knot. Be careful not to tie it too close to your throat. You don't want to look like you're being strangled.

Step 3: Tie the scarf into a loose bow. Don't worry if the tails are slightly uneven.

TIP: This scarf-tying technique looks best with long, light-weight scarves. We paired ours with a shirt, but don't be afraid to mix it up with your weekend casuals too.

Belted Beauty


Try this scarf-tying trick to accent your favourite belt and jacket.

Step 1: Hold your scarf lenthways.
Step 2: Drape it over your front and tie a know at the back of your neck - like a halter top.
Step 3: Adjust the drape of the fabric so it sits where you want it to. At this stage you can work to accentuate a cowl neck, or do some clever tucking so the scarf sits flat on your chest.
Step 4: Pop on your blazer and pull the look together with a waist belt.

TIP: The belted beauty looks great with jeans.

Shoulder Shurg

 Draping your scarf asymmetrically over the shoulders adds a touch of elegance.

Step 1: Lay the scarf over your shoulders. ensuring one end falls much lower than the other.
Step 2: Take the short side and drape it across your front, tucking the end under the longer section of the scarf.
Step 3: Drape the long end over your front ( and the short side) and place it over the opposite shoulder. Adjust to suit.

TIP: This look works well with evening wear, and is an elegant way to stay warm during the cooler months

The Cowgirl


Here's an easy way to dress up a plain T-shirt with a scarf for weekend wear.

Step 1: Lay the scarf over your shoulders, ensuring one end fallls much lower than the other.
Step 2: Wrap the long end loosely across your front and over the opposite shoulder.
Step 3: Keep winding it around the back of your neck and pull the end to the front.  You should now have both ends hanging down the front. Adjust the drape to suit.

TIP: Don't tie the scarf too tightly around y our neck. The cowgirl is best worn loose - and it's more comfortable too!